How to manage your brand
With simple quests, impressive branding becomes accessible to anyone, significantly increasing the productivity and efficiency of your brand's operation and management

All-in-one Branding Solution

Tidy-B is a branding solution for entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers. It guides the entire branding process through easy, clear-cut quests. The complete package includes brand strategy and identity design, along with automatically generated brand assets such as documents and design templates necessary for future brand operations.

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To Attract Customers

Core Brand Value

The core brand value brings together your brand assets, acting as a guide for consumers to perceive your brand as a unified identity through your brand story and purpose.


Brand Story

Mission and Vision

Key Values

Visual representation of your brand

Visual Identity

Visual identity defines the design of your brand. It helps utilize and maintain your brand design asset with a coherent system.





Establishing a direction for your branding

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy defines a brand's position and characteristics in the market by analyzing the target customer and competitive environment, enabling the brand to develop a distinct strategy within a competitive market.

Customer Persona

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Objectives

Brand Keywords

Brand Voice




For effective branding

Asset Library

All types of assets can be uploaded, stored, configured, searched, and shared on the brand's private library. It also offers a variety of digital and printable templates to create brand content effortlessly.

Logo File

Brand Guidelines

️Presentation Templates

Forms for Required Documents

Social Media Kit

️Photo Library

Powerful Features
Offered by Tidy-B

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are no longer distributed as PDFs in today's digital age. Instead, ensure brand consistency through cloud storage for easier access, utilization, and updates.

Brand Introduction

We create a presentation (Google Slides) that introduces the brand through Artificial Intelligence (AI) automation algorithms.

Logo Creator

A logo can be easily created without the help of a designer. We provide an editor to help you create simple, easy, and stunning DIY logos.

Automatic Synchronization

All changes made and edited are automatically updated across brand assets via an automated synchronization algorithm to ensure everything stays up to date.

Work History

All data is intended to be stored for a specific period so that any work, such as brand strategies or guidelines, can be edited and restored at any time.

High-Tech Security

We strictly manage confidentiality of your digital assets as well as personal information with advanced high-tech security systems.


Jaehyeok Shin
Since subscribing to Tidy-B, we've been able to manage our partner brands more effectively. We gather and upload all marketing content to the Tidy-B cloud, which has made our job much easier. We can now quickly find necessary files and easily share them.
Gwonil Han
We have completed a substantial renewal process with Tidy-B, which involved establishing a revamped brand strategy for visual branding. Following the renewal with Tidy-B, we are now able to make more confident decisions when creating and using marketing content, resulting in a significant improvement in work productivity.
Iksu Han
VU Entertainment
We've established a groundbreaking model for local music festivals, and now the Water Bomb Festival is growing and reaching the global stage. When working with international partners in various countries, we rely on Tidy-B. This tool has been instrumental in preserving our brand identity and facilitating the seamless sharing of digital assets with partners around the world.
Seokhoon Pyun
Yoondesign Group
Most agencies deliver completed brand guidelines to clients as PDFs, which is inconvenient for both agencies and clients. We recommend using the Tidy-B cloud system to set up and manage your brand's assets and design guidelines.
Jaehoon Yang
REBORN Pilates
Ribbon Pilates operates 17 centers with over 100 employees and thousands of members in Korea. Maintaining consistency and quality of brand content was challenging, but since using Tidy-B, we have had a fantastic experience. Now all brand contents are finally becoming consistent and easy to apply in various sources.
Sangjun Lee
Seoul Auction
The web service development team at Seoul Auction is currently undergoing an in-house digital transformation. We have started using several SaaS programs, and one of them is Tidy-B. We are utilizing Tidy-B to manage our brand's digital assets, and the experience has been amazing. We no longer need to request brand-related files from other team members.

No branding
expertise or
experience is required.

With AI-proven methodologies and data-driven workbooks,
we enable everyone to independently conduct the branding process.

Save time and
money on branding.

We provide solutions that address budget, time constraints and quality.

We offer a wide range of fonts, images, and templates, and we update them regularly.

With a brand template, you can maintain consistent brand asset without wasting time on design and marketing.

Experience increased company productivity through improved brand operations.

You can easily find the files you need using a cloud-based asset library,
which allows you to focus more on other productive tasks.

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Our branding platform provides a space for collaboration on cloud,
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