Brand Guidelines

Set up brand guidelines, core values, and visual identity
to keep the brand identity consistent.

Features we offer.

Develop a brand strategy and operate it systematically
for your business to grow and succeed.

Basic Information.

Company profile.

The company’s basic information will be automatically applied to various brand assets.

Brand profile.

Basic information analyzed through AI including brand name, industry, duration of activity, team composition, etc.


The Brand’s Core Values.

The Brand’s Purpose.

Why does the brand exist, and why are we doing this?

The Brand’s Story.

A story that can connect and empathize with customers.


The goal that the company will eventually reach, and an idea of the society the brand strives to create.

Core Values.

Principles and standards that employees must adhere to as part of the company’s team culture.

Visual Identity.


A symbolic design representing the brand.


A color palette that embodies the brand’s image


A collection of fonts used throughout all forms of text communication.


An overall image of how you want to express the mood of the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

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